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    Overseas Travel Where have you been and where do you want to go to?

    Okay do you have a passion for travel, do you want to explore the world, where have you been and has it inspired you to travel more?

    Do you want to travel before you have finished studying? Have you travelled a lot? Have you got a travel 'bucket' list?

    Let's find out whether we are international travellers or wannabe travellers or indeed have no travel aspirations.

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    Great topic!

    Considering that I'm currently studying for an events and tourism management degree, I guess you can say I definitely want to travel someday.

    So far the only place I've been to outside of Australia is Thailand...And it was absolutely brilliant! At the moment I'm currently saving up to do a study abroad course in London, an Europe Top Deck tour (France, Switzerland, Italy, Vatican City, Austria, Germany, Netherlands and Belgium) and a volunteer program in Nepal. Thankfully I'm nearly there (so much work too).

    I would also love to visit Turkey, China, Japan, Peru, South Korea and so many other places.
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    I have lived a lot of places, travelled to even more! I consider myself an experienced traveller for only being sixteen.

    I've lived in several states in the US, I've lived in Canada, Kenya, South Africa, UK, Iceland, Norway, Germany, and India. Canada, UK, Iceland, India, and Germany were only for a short time each (6mo-1y). I've never lived "permanently" anywhere.

    I don't think I could even list all the places I've travelled yet not lived If you ask me about a specific place, though, I can tell you if I've been there

    Though I am an American citizen, I've always considered myself a "citizen of the world." I love travel and exploration, and one reason I love names is their diversity throughout cultures.

    I find that the more places I travel, the more I realize how much of the world I haven't yet seen.

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    I love traveling. I've been to 34 of the 50 US states and I hope to go to them all. My mom and her family took a road trip during one summer and visited all the contiguous US states in 2 months. So far as countries, I've been to Canada, the US and Costa Rica. I would love to go overseas and do something my family's talked about for years - a 'heritage tour'. On the tour we plan to visit the UK and Ireland, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Italy, and Greece - all countries my ancestors were from. It would be expensive but sounds a lot like the trip of a lifetime. And of course, like every other teenage girl in America, I want to visit Paris, although I'd love to explore Southern France, where my grandfather lived for a couple years. I hear so many stories about how he loved it there and it just makes me want to go there so bad!!

    I'd also like to visit Japan. We're learning a bit about it in history and I would love to see all the places we've learned. The only reason I'm even a little hesitant about going overseas is because of the language barriers. I only speak English and some Finnish, so I'd be really anxious about going to a country where I don't know their language.

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    I've been to three countries Indonesia (Bali) and Malaysia and I spent one day in Singapore but only at Universal Studios (we were in Johor which is an hour drive from Singapore so we went over). Inside Australia I've been to Syndey (3 times) and Queensland (Cairns and the Gold Coast). I live in Western Australia and I've been round there a bit

    There are so many places where I want to go: LA, New York, London, Paris, Rome, Milan, Russia, Germany, Austria and Scandinavia. I've put my next request for a holiday to be somewhere far and less Asian so I'll most likely end up in New Zealand

    @Tali all three of the countries I've been too don't speak English but they spoke it quite well to us and everyone guessed we were Australians even before we spoke sometimes
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