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Thread: Namer Terms

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    Namer Terms

    I dont know where this belongs so I put it here.

    What are some "namer terms" that non-namers wouldnt know what they mean? Like GP, sibset. Any more???
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    I think non name nerds would be able to understand what "guilty pleasure" names are, but I agree, perhaps not GP. The only ones I can think of are DH, DD and DS, which I read mean "darling / dear husband", "darling / dear daughter" and "darling / dear son". It took me ages to figure out what they meant, and it was frustrating me so I decided to look it up, haha.

    P.S = I think this thread would fit in better in the Talk About Baby Names or the Everything But Names sections.
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    Maybe abbreviations like FN, MN, nn.

    And there are plenty of terms that non-name-nerds would understand, but that we berries use in a more name-specific way (combo, flow, dated, etc.) as well as momberry/TTC specific things (like BFP.)

    And I agree that this thread might be better off in another section.
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    I’d add
    prn = pronunciation
    to the already created list but really I think most are pretty straight forward and/or can easily be plugged into a search engine for a result. I can’t think of any that are really NB (nameberry) specific or naming specific with the exception of NB
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    nn. I feel like if I ever want to ask friends or family about names for a future story, I can't just write Benedikt nn Ben. They'd be like, "Ummmm... what does "nn" mean?!" I feel like nms(aa), fn, ln, mn, etc., would equally be lost on them. Even though they're not that hard to pick up on. I pretty much figured out all the lingo on my own, haha!
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