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    Lightbulb Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

    Any good, original ideas?
    I'm bored to death of the cliche ones involving shoes, "our family is expanding by 2 feet", "coming soon" (movie poster style), ribbons tied over baby bumps (I never really showed during my first pregnancy and it isn't looking like this one will prove to be much different!) or we're Prego! photo featuring a jar of pasta sauce.

    And OMG absolutely NO tacky posing over the toilet photos, either! -__- Gross!

    I was thinking about doing something featuring my almost-2-year-old daughter, but I'd like to use a "fresh" idea rather than the typical "Only Child. Expiring 8\2015" tshirt.

    Anyone with cute ideas that aren't overdone?

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    I've always thought this was sweet!
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    I think this is a cute idea! You could use your daughter in one of the sub headings?

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    Oh my gosh the lovejenny one is hilarious!!

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