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    Nature names from the past century

    I know there are many lists of nature-inspired names out there, but it seems like most (if not all) of them are fairly "new" names. What nature names were in use 100 years ago?
    Everett Thomas (11/28/14)

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    Ivy, Rose, Heather and Iris are the first that spring to mind
    Sienna, Clara, Annalise, Lydia, Elara, Lila, Dakota, Leonie, Eisley, Perrie, Cleo, Emerie, Talia, Zara

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    Edith Vale Ophelia

    Seamus Ocean Crowe

    Charlotte Elisabeth Ann

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    I took a look at the top 1000 girls (and boys names - because I was at it) in the US in 1912. This is what jumped out at me right away - I probably missed a few though.

    Marguerite (also Maragret), Lilian/Lillian/Lilyan, Rose, Hazel/Hazle, Myrtle, Violet, Rosa, Daisy, Flora, Olive, Rosie, Phyllis, Rosalie/Rosalee, Rosemary/Rosemarie, Olivia, Lily, Iris, Birdie, Dovie, Lilly, Hortense, Ivy, Magnolia, Aurora, Clementine, Ursula, Delphine, Violette, Delilah, Fae, Daphne

    (and of course a number of Ros- names I left out as the root wasn’t floral - such as Rosalind, Rosetta, Rosamond etc).

    Glenn, Everett, Oliver, Dale, Forest/Forrest, Sol, Sterling, Buck, Hazel, Florian, Thornton, Cliff, Hunter, Brooks, Green

    (also Woodrow/Woodroe and Haywood which felt nature to me but not exactly what you asked).

    I didn’t see names like Heather, Hyacinth, Petunia, Marigold in my quick scan but would assume that these would have been used as well. (I did see Pearl, Ruby, Mabel etc though not “nature” names).

    For the US you can go to this link: and download US used name lists starting in 1880. It will list every name used more than 4 times. It will show you if it was used and how often (just no necessarily the popularity standing).
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    Thank you so much @lexiem!!! What a great list!
    Everett Thomas (11/28/14)

    Hazel Mariette ~ Sawyer Joseph ~ Nora Pauline ~ Asher Samuel

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