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Thread: God of Death

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    God of Death

    I'm working on a modern day Hades/Persephone story. I figured that I'd call the the Eshne, because it means fire and that's relevant to the story. I don't know what to call the man though. Any advice, maybe a celtic or irish name meaning darkness or death. Something like that, anything that could pass for the name of a god for death. Thanks!

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    The only one I found is Duald.
    Computer issues took me away from this site, but I'm back--and starting fresh.

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    "dark" names
    Ciaran / Kieran
    Dougal ("dark stranger")
    Dunstan ("dark stone")
    Maurus, Maurice & variants ("dark skinned")
    Sullivan ("little dark eye"

    "death names"
    Mortimer, Morton —*"mort" (French)
    Moriarty —*"mori" (Latin)
    Arabella, Thibault, Sophia, Alfred, Eleanor, Rémi, Charlotte, Achille, Olivia, Clement, Elizabeth, Frederick, Maud, Benedict, Adèle.

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    Thanatos was the god of death in Greek mythology (Hades was the king of the Underworld, so a bit different), so maybe you could call him Thane. Thane means baron or something to that effect, and gives off a dark tone due to Macbeth (Thane of Glamis).
    Amedeo Enjolras Aristotle Leonardo Archer Olivier Mischa Liam Caspian Benedict Theodore Fitzwilliam
    Rosalie Evangeline Mirabelle Ophelia Alice Elisabeth Stella Titania Artemis Cicely Margarethe Thalia Astrid

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    Yes to the previous poster. Thanatos is the spirit of death and mortality in Greek mythology. And I like her suggestion of Thane. I'll maybe come back with more after I'm done with class :P -- My Amazon Author Page

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