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    I'm stuck! Help with girl name for sibset.

    So for my hypothetical sibset I'd love two boys and a girl.

    At the moment I'm loving Leo and Finn for the boys.

    What would you name the girl?

    Leo , Finn and _____

    I'm stuck with this because my girl favourites seem too long (Katharine, Sophie) or too plain (Anna).

    I quite like Ruby, Lily (popular though), Eva. The name doesn't have to be short, but it does need to work with Leo and Finn.

    Thanks for your ideas!
    My attempt at a blog is here

    TTC #1

    Sophie Alice Marilla
    Ivy ~ Ciara ~ Eleanor ~ Zoe ~ Katharine ~ Eva ~ Cara ~ Elizabeth

    Maxwell Arthur James
    Vincent ~ Finn ~ Jack ~ Alexander ~ Leo ~ Zachary ~ Theodore

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