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    Mhia as a spelling for Mia?

    I know a little 5 year old girl who's name is Mhia. It is pronounced just like Mia. At first I thought it was weird, but it has started to grow on me.

    I know most people don't like unusual spellings, but I just wanted to see your thoughts.

    What do you think overall? How would you pronounce Mhia if you just saw it on paper? Do you think it's tacky and made up, or unique and fresh?

    Please be nice but feel free to express your opinions. Thanks!

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    All I see is 'hia' which was an abbreviation of ''hiya'' that I remember using age 11 on MSN to sound cool. Pahaha.

    I actually don't really have an opinion on it, but I definitely wouldn't use it because of the spelling issues she'd face her whole life especially since Mia is so popular. Are you saying mee-ah or mye-ah (I've heard Mia said both ways)? Because I'd definitely want to pronounce it mye-ah with that spelling which would cause you even more issues.

    Although I know how you feel - I met a Febe and it's been growing on me since, to a point where I like it more than Phoebe.
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    It looks like an ethnic variation rather than an invented spelling to me. I prefer Mia.
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    Oh, good lord, it's awful! I really, really, really don't like this spelling!
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    I would pronounce it Mia, but I don't prefer the altered spelling. The 'h' just seems unnecessary & will most likely require a lot of correcting on her part.

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