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    Help with baby girl names please?

    Hi all-

    Longtime lurker, first time poster. Wondering if you can help me with narrowing down our girl name choices. I'll stick with first name choices for now and maybe do a second post on middle names if I'm able to narrow down the first names. Please be as honest as you like, that's why I'm doing this- to get unfiltered opinions!

    (Names are listed in no particular order).









    I should mention that for either Valentina or Veronica, we would call her "V" or "Vivi" depending on middle name.

    Thanks all!

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    Valentina -- This one is a little over-the-top for me. I also can't help but associate it with Valentine's Day. It's incredibly romantic. If I ignore that, it has many appealing sounds to it and makes a very pretty name. I think it makes a great potential middle name.

    Willa -- have really grown to love this one. I love the simple charm of it.

    Cecily -- Not a fan.

    Esme -- A lot of nameberries love this name. I don't.

    Athena -- I think this is a lovely name that is different but accessible.

    Veronica -- Not a fan.

    Farrah -- always think of the actress but honestly would love to meet a little Farrah.

    Elsa -- It's a little matronly for me, but I think there is a sweetness about it as well.

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    Valentina - love. V is a cute nn, as is Nina.

    Willa - this is pretty but it feels a bit weak to me, like it's missing something.

    Cecily - i like this one a lot. This may be due to association, but this name feels a bit mysterious, intellectual, artistic.

    Esme - love. Short, sweet, a bit exotic.

    Athena - very cute and spunky.

    Veronica - not my favorite, tho it does have an edgy- ness that I like..

    Farrah - pretty but similar to Willa, all soft, no edges.

    Elsa - pretty but feels like it's getting very popular. Maybe just on Nameberry....

    So my faves are Valentina, Esme, Cecily and Athena.
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    Valentina--gorgeous! My current favorite is Ava-Valentina.


    Cecily--nice. Prefer Cecile.

    Esme--I still think of the Disney villain from the Kuzco cartoon.

    Athena--gorgeous! A long time favorite!

    Veronica--pretty, but I much prefer Veronique (mn)

    Farrah--too associated w/Fawcett

    Elsa--ok...too close to Elsie (the cow)

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    Valentina--- GORGEOUS. I would love to meet a little Valentina, as long as her nickname is never Tina.

    Willa--- Very sweet and fun.

    Cecily--- I much prefer Celia.

    Esme--- One of my all time favorites.

    Athena-- ANOTHER one of my all time favorites that I'll sadly never get to use.

    Veronica--- I don't like this at all. I think you have much better choices on this list. It just sounds dated to me.

    Farrah-- Another gorgeous one. I've always found the spelling awkward for some reason, even though the sound is wonderful.

    Elsa--- Not my favorite on the list, but it's not terrible, just nms.

    You have great taste! Athena, Willa, Valentina, and Esme are my favorites.
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