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Thread: Is Gaia spunky?

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    Is Gaia spunky?

    Is Gaia able to pull off spunk, punky, attitudinal?
    I can picture a very opinionated, lively, punky, rebellious type.
    Tulia, Zara, Rudy, Bellatrix, and Lilith have the same feel.

    Watcha think?

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    I picture a beautiful, confident, energetic and rebellious girl. Definitely not quiet.
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    Simply: Yes.

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    How are you pronouncing it, just out of curiousity? I've heard both guy-uh and gee-uh.

    It goes with the names you listed, yes, though that's not what I'd define as spunky; more rebellious, almost a little punk.
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    Gaia is definitely spunky, though Kaia is the name I prefer.
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