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    I agree with what's already been said, that age differences will definitely change the relationship but saying that a difference is too large or too small is impossible to quantify.

    I suppose if you have specific goals for your children it could be something to consider. If you want your kids to be great friends having them 8 years apart might make that difficult.
    If you want the older to mentor and protect the younger having them only 9 months apart would make that more difficult.
    If you want them to never bicker and fight having them close together will make that less likely.

    But it's always hard to say how personalities will interact. I've heard of siblings many years apart who are best friends. I've heard of younger siblings who are more responsible than their elders and are always helping them out.

    There are no hard and fast rules for human relationships.
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    There are over ten years between my oldest uncle and my dad because my dads the youngest of 7. I don't think they were too close when they were younger but now they are adults they get along well (even though they are super competitive). I'm only 2.5 years older then my sister and 5 years older then my brother but I fight so much with them much. I would so now my brother seems so much younger he's ten and I'm 15 so we aren't doing anything in common.
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    "If you want them to never bicker and fight having them close together will make that less likely."

    True! But if they're the same sex (and maybe even if they're not) they could be inseparable BFFs, too.

    From what I've seen (and of course I am incredibly biased) siblings that are 4+ years apart fight plenty, and they don't enjoy nearly the close friendship that the closer-in-age siblings do.
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    I only have brothers. One is 7 years older than myself, and one is 15 months younger than I am. We all get along really well and almost never fight. There is a lot of teasing and joking around, but never real arguing. Okay, my younger brother and I used to get at each other's throats a bit in our teens but that was short lived & never anything serious. I have always been very close with my younger brother - there was a long stretch in my childhood where my older brother was fun to be with but back then 7 years felt like AGES so he was kind of more of a parental figure or something - but over time that has faded & now we are pals.

    I don't think age differences are important overall. There are times when lots of space makes it difficult to relate & too close together makes it easy to annoy each other. Myself I always planned to have my kids close together (like within 2 years of each other) because I want them to have that close relationship that I had with my younger brother when we were little.

    I have heard 3 year spacing is brutal & siblings 3 years apart fight like cats & dogs.
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    My only sister is about 9.5 years older than me. We never fought, and we get along splendid as adults, but growing up I mostly felt like an only child, especially in middle school and high school after she had left the house. Sometimes I wonder what life might have been like with siblings closer to my age!
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