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  • Albert (Albie?)

    13 56.52%
  • Ernest (Ernie)

    10 43.48%
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    Albert vs Ernest

    I'm really liking Albert and Ernest (thanks to Louis Tomlinson's mum, however her girl's choice - Doris, will never make an appearance in my lists), but, thanks to their nicknames (though I'd never shorten Albert to Bert), I cannot use both in a sibling set (Bert & Ernie -.-).

    Which name do you prefer, Albert or Ernest? What MN would you pair with your favourite of the two?
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    I like Albert over Ernest. I don't like Albie I think just Al would be much better and I don't mind Bert/Burt at all, think of the manly Burt Lancaster.

    Ernest no way but I don't mind Ernie.
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    Ernest is fine, but I much prefer Albert.

    I love alliteration so I would be tempted to go with something like Albert Arthur.

    I also like the sound of Albert Eames or Albert Edric.
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    Sorry, but I'd expect either to get beat up on the playground. As a mn, if I had to choose...prob'ly Ernest. Ernesto or Alberto might fare better.

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    Such a hard choice! I think I prefer Ernest as a full name, but I have a verrry pleasing association with Albert so I voted for it. I like both Albie and Bertie as nicknames. Not a fan of Ernie, sorry!
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