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Thread: Aria?

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    I second isavan's suggestion of Ariadne Elaine. I think Ariadne and Tobias are both clunky cool with great nn's

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    Aria's fine, but it's the one Ari- name I can't seem to get behind. I love Ariana, Arianne, Arielle/Ariella, Aurelia/Aurelie, Aurora, and even Arietta, Mariella/Mariana/Marigold/Marisa/Gabriella nn Ari (which are all a bit of a stretch, but still work...), but Aria just doesn't hold the same charm for me at all. With the Game of Thrones popularity and the rising of Arya (and also Aria was rising long before that), I do expect it to be a hot name, but it's not one of the hottest--I think Harper, Penelope, and Isla are still much hotter. I would opt for another Ari option, personally, but Aria is a nice name. Just not my cup of tea.

    Good luck!
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    I love it! Personally I don't care about 'trendiness' if it's a name that I adore, and Aria is my favourite name atm (spelt Arya though). I do agree that it is quite popular right now..but Aria Elaine is gorgeous and I wouldn't let that stop you. Good luck!
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    I love the name and it makes me want to say screw it to the trendiness but at the same time I don't want it to become the new thing and her wind up with 15 Arias in her graduating class and be known as "the short Aria" or "the tall Aria" or "Aria L" or whatever the case may be

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    I think Aria Elaine sounds very nice as a combo. It may be a bit on the trendy side, but so are lots of lovely names, even classics. A few other ideas top go with Elaine:

    Audrey Elaine
    Margot Elaine
    Sylvie Elaine
    Ivy Elaine
    Ruby Elaine
    Hattie Elaine
    Saoirse Elaine
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