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Thread: Aria?

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    I agree I was a little concerned with the double vowel at the end of fn beginning of mn, but I still think the two are very pretty together.
    My husband is like the pickiest ever when it comes to names and the few I've gotten him to agree to are total opposites. He loves Aria which is super girly and pretty, or Logan and Peyton which are traditional boys names. He's killing me lol
    He's also been stuck on Avery and Ava lately but those are definitely too trendy for me!

    Oh and I forgot to mention if it helps surname is Lamb, and big brothers name is Tobias (to-bye-us) "Toby" Lee

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    Would you (or he) be open to using a longer version of Aria, or even a longer version for Ava and use them as a nickname? Or would you prefer to avoid them in general?

    Ariana/Arianna is pretty popular for Aria, but Ariadne could also be used. Or Aveline/Avalon for Ava?

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    I am a teacher and know a few Aria's now, but not sure it's ever going to get too popular. I like the name spelled Arya like the character in game of thrones. I feel like the book/series has made the name a bit more known. It is simple and looks pretty. Some other names for Elaine might be Asha, Amelia/ Emilia, Elowen...

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    Oh, I love Aria! It's actually a name that I'd love to use... I first discovered it when I was 14 or so (roughly 15 years ago), and was in love with its musical ties and obscurity. Now, it's a bit too popular for me, plus Aria and Ariana are very popular among the Persian-American community. That being said, I think it's a wonderful name. Remember, even if you choose #1,000 right now, it could be #1 in a few years... no one can predict the future. So use the name you love... especially since Aria's such a wonderful name. Aria Elaine isn't my fav, but no one will be calling her by her mn.
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    I love it! Aria Elaine is very pretty.
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