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    Of these four which three names would work best for sisters? Suggestions?


    Of these four, which three names would work best for sisters? What do you think of these names?

    Any additional suggestions of names that would go with those four? (doesn't have to be four letters, but two-syllables please).

    I tend to like names that are or that sounds multi-cultural and I prefer names that are not in the top-200 (having grown up with an uncommon name myself).

    Other names I like (my style's all over the place): Vivian, Carmen, Aya (prn.eye-uh), Salem, Lupin, Winter, Hero, Ravenna, Akilah, Rashida, Anisa, Nyla, Helena (prn. hel-lay-nuh), Farrah, Joyce, Brenna, Anastasia, Tatiana.

    Thanks for your thoughts!

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    I guess I'd drop Nina, and keep the rest. Clio has a unique ending, and Maia is too pretty to drop. Thea or Nina would work, but Nina sounds slightly closer to Maia, so that's why I'd nix it.

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    Nina, Thea, and Clio. I like the way those sound together aloud. Seriously, say it in that order. The only suggestion I have is maybe Ivy?
    Amory Aug. 16th

    Hannelore Moon . Esmeralda Poppy . Tilly Rune . Maisie Eluned
    Endymion Albert . Viggo Edmund . Omri Leo . Sutton Charles

    Names without combos: Sage, Arden, Boheme, Evadne, Valentina, Eden, Amelie, Euphemia, Petra, Signe
    Marsden, Ashley, Casimir, Errol, Murphy, Ambrose, Adair, Maxwell, Valo, Lige

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    As sisters these go best.

    I also like Salem and Anastasia.

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    I'd go with Nina Clio and Maia, I love the suggestion of Ivy

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