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    You could do worse.
    I wouldn't name my kid Siri. I'm not really sure what I'd think if someone else did?

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    I say Siri is a beautiful name. I agree the worst teasing she would probably get is being asked a bunch of questions. Not to mention by the time she gets to school, there will probably be another name for an app to answer phone questions.

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    I probably wouldn't use it, but I don't think it's "ruined". To me, the concern wouldn't be that the child would be teased because, like others have said, who knows if the iPhone Siri will still be a thing when the kid is older, and even if it is it's not a terrible association anyway. I'd be hesitant more because of the reactions of my peers. I'd get sick of people asking me if I named my baby after the app/if I'm a huge fan of Apple products/etc.
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    I know a lovely little Siri, so no, to me it isn't ruined.

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    I don’t think it’s usable as a full name. You could maybe get away with using it as a nickname for something longer.

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