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Thread: Too Matchy?

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    Too Matchy?

    We're adopting a girl cat tomorrow and have been discussing names for her. My mom suggested Venus to go along with our boy cat Mars but is that too gimmicky? I've been liking Silvie but am not one hundred percent sold on it.

    What do you think? Venus or Silvie ?
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    Pet names are one of the few times you're allowed to be matchy matchy!

    My vote goes to Venus.

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    Love Venus and Mars! They are very cute names for cats. My pets always had nns too. You could call Venus, V or Ve-Ve, if you think it's too matchy for everyday. Enjoy your new cat!

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    I agree with other berries, Venus and Mars would be so cool! You could continue the celestial theme if you adopt more cats... Mercury, Luna, Jupiter, Orion, Io!
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