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    I love Joss as a nickname for Joseph! And I think immediately of Joss Whedon, who is definitely a man. I do not think it sounds feminine at all.

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    Love it!

    Joseph, nn: Joss, has refreshing vintage charm.
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    I really like Joss. Personally, I'd use it as a spunky nickname for a female Jocelyn, but it works great on a Joseph too, and doesn't seem fixed to one gender for me.
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    I think it's a fine nickname for Joseph, though might assume the parents to be Whedon fans. I don't think it a girls' name at all, as the only one I know is Joss Whedon.
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    I have a friend named Joss (who actually just won gold at the Olympics!) and I always really liked his name. I would assume it's a nn for Josiah, but I think it could work for Joseph as well. I definitely see it as more masculine as well!

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