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    Middle name for Lorelai

    Note: I am still undecided on Lorelai or Lorelei. Lorelai holds meaning but Lorelei feels more correct.

    Anyway, I need a middle name for Lorelai. My combos are in my signature but I am stumped for something to add to Lorelai. I usually pair unusual names with a more grounded name to even it out, but I can't find anything to add to Lorelai without feeling like I am 'taking away' from the name.

    I liked Lorelai Rose (my middle name) but Lorelai would be nicknamed Rory and Rory Rose makes me cringe. Any ideas? The only names I don't like are names that I would put under the dusty, old lady category (Edith, Frances, Harriet etc).

    Thank you!

    eden olivia ◦ ruby imogen ◦ aria calliope ◦ shiloh annalise ◦ maeve emilia
    saskia willow ◦ cerys autumn ◦ saoirse violet ◦ freya jolie ◦ adelaide iris

    reuben arlo ◦ jude emerson ◦ rowan tadhg ◦ luca maddox ◦ rory sullivan
    august henry ◦ ezra bellamy ◦ myles phoenix ◦ levi theodore ◦ elijah blake

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    I like the suggestion of Lorelai Hazel.

    I've had Lorelai/Lorelei on my list for a long time and these are some of the middle names I've paired with it at some point:

    Lorelai Belle
    Lorelai Briar
    Lorelai Charlotte
    Lorelai Eden
    Lorelai Harper
    Lorelai Harlow
    Lorelai Ivy
    Lorelai Margot
    Lorelai Ruby
    Lorelai Violet

    Edit to add: I actually think Rory Rose is a cute nickname.
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    Middle name for Lorelai

    I think Lorelai is a beautiful name I've heard it as Lorelei and Lorelai. I don't have a fave but I think Lorelei is a tiny bit more popular.

    Here are my faves:

    Lorelei Gabrielle
    Lorelei Olivia/Alivia
    Lorelei Daisy
    Lorelei Sophia
    Lorelei Hope

    Lorelai Mae
    Lorelai Winter
    Lorelai Hayley
    Lorelai Belle
    Lorelai Avia

    Hope it helps x

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    I lean towards Lorelai because I love Gilmore Girls, but it's always irritated me a bit that it's not "correct." I know someone who named their daughter Lorelai and calls her Lola, so the "a" vs "e" makes more sense.

    Lorelai Eve
    Lorelai Camille
    Lorelai Gabriella
    Lorelai Adelaide
    Lorelai Nadia
    Lorelai Helena
    Lorelai Maeve - my favorite, Rory Maeve is great
    Lorelai Annika
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