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Thread: Lark vs. Raven

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    Starling is a a neat word,

    Quote Originally Posted by vasilisa View Post
    I love them both, really. Starling would be beautiful too--dark like a raven, agile like a lark.
    but they are not the most pleasant bird.

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    I love both names! I think Lark sounds more feminine though, (probably because I know a gorgeous little boy named Raven) and I told my mum about this little boy with the awesome name and lol Raven made her think of death for some reason. Death, scavenging...I don't know. But I love the names. Good luck!
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    Oddly, despite ending in the same k sound, I like Lilac but not Lark. It just seems softer somehow.

    Raven has that rounded -n ending that keeps it from being piercing. And ravens are such clever birds, and associated with so much mythology.

    Violet, Sage, and Amber are all too colour-y to go with the bird names for me. I LOVE flower names and bird names, and gemstones, but generally like them combined with another name that is not a "thing" if you will. But of these, I think I like Amber best alone, and Raven Sage best as a combo. It does make me think of a grey-green bird or a black herb though.

    I do adore Ravenna mentioned up thread. That's been on and off and on my own list.

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    I like Lark but I love Raven! Raven Sage is gorgeous. What about Wren or Robin/Robyn?

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