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    @lookingahead, I love the name Ambrose! I may be a bit biased, because it's an old family name on my husband's side.
    My name is Riley Claire Mayes. I am happily married to my husband of 3 years,
    Timothy Richard Mayes. We're expecting twins, due December 17th

    For our future little boys: Tucker, Sawyer, Anderson, William, Thomas, Vincent, and Nathan
    For our future little girls: Elizabeth, Eleanor, Abigail, Kathryn, Olivia, Isabelle, and Gracelynn

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    @jessieo That sounds terrible! Do you have any other ultrasounds scheduled? Sometimes the bloodwork that they do during the NT scan will be able to pick up the baby's DNA, did they check that?
    Our heart: Apollo Allan

    My fur babies: Toby and Trixie
    GP: Desdemona/Phadera/Cressida/Devereaux/Tybalt/Tiberius/Kai

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    @jessieo - yikes! Well, I hope they can tell soon! I guess babies sometimes just don't cooperate!

    Dr. wasn't in today so they're going to call me tomorrow and hopefully I won't have to keep testing, or can at least just do the fasting test.

    Some good finds at garage sales - cute baby overalls for .25 each! I also got a huge glass jug - possibly will make cordial in it
    Sequoia Orion born November 2014
    Considerations for our next child's name: Cytheria, Caspian, Seraphina, Arcadia, Venture
    Middles: Beatrix, Dwyn, Jupiter, Violet, Zephyr, River

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    @Moonkai - That's a good price for baby clothes!

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    @ jessieo, sounds v frustrating, my husband is disapointed that we didn't find out but is learning to live with it but must be v annoying if you've decided to find out but cant!!

    @moonkai, I hadn't thought about carboots but might try, seems like a good idea. My mum bought us a huge bundle of baby clothes and I've got some of ebay. The trickle of free baby things have started to arrive and are crowding our shed. Mostly just need to buy a mattress now!

    @angelicainc I also love Alexander Gabriel! I think Xander is a great alternative to Alex too.

    @looking ahead, dont think you can go wrong with your boys names although I'm definately partial to Atticus. Didn't try that with my husband but maybe for the next one he'll get more adventurous.

    Thought we were all sorted with our girls name Clementine Celeste but my husband has started asking if Celeste should go in the first place in which case I'm thinking Celeste Clementine doesn't have the same ring so I'm looking around for more middles again!! He's so fussy I was so pleased we'd chosen now it's back up in the air. Maybe we'll have a boy and it wont matter!
    Think right now I'm trying for Celeste Emmeline/Evangeline or something like Celeste Peony which is my favourite flower.

    No stretchmarks for me either although strangely I have them on only my right thigh from when I was younger, none on my left.
    I have started to get back ache when I'm sleeping now which is annoying and a mild sciatica type feeling that I'm hopeing doesn't get worse!
    Also the strange dreams have started...does anyone else have them?!
    Casper Dennis born October 2014

    Girls - Appoline, Cecilia, Cecily, Clementine, Cordelia, Cressida, Daisy, Fenella, Marguerite, Odette, Ottilie, Vivienne,

    Boys - Bartholemew, Cecil, Charles (nn Chip), Clarence, Clement, Cornelius, Ferdinand, Herbert, Maddox, Maurice, Octavius, Rafferty, Winston, Xander,

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