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    @lookingahead - how fun about going camping! But I agree with you about it being nice to be in the air conditioning.

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    Hey everyone, I'm feeling better after kind of freaking out and having a little mini-meltdown. My doctor said I could just test my blood sugar with a glucometer for a week, so I'm starting that tomorrow. It's more inconvenient, but I think ultimately less awful than the 3-hour test. I talked to my mom and my sister and they both apparently had borderline GD with all of their pregnancies, so I hope mine is the same and I don't have much of a problem. There's not much more I can do to adjust my diet unless my HG eases up

    Good news! 2.5 more weeks until I graduate, and I'm feeling way less stressed out about my Capstone after peer reviewing some of my classmates' projects this week.

    @lookingahead - Camping sounds awesome! My husband thinks it won't be a good idea to take baby camping with us in the first few months, but I think it might be fine...any experience with that?

    I'm loving everyone's name choices! October seems really close, and I can't believe some of us are going to start having our wee ones in just a few short weeks here in late September!
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    @moonkai - I'm glad that they have you a good alternative to the three hour fasting gestational diabetes test. I'm hoping its just borderline for you as well. I had my gestational diabetes test on Tuesday. I've had one before because of family having diabetes. I'm glad that you are almost done with school! Hooray!

    Well, DH and I got a sneak peek of little girl the other day. She would not move at all, she was sleeping with her legs up over her head.

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    @Moonkai, That's great that you found an alternative! And it must be so exciting to be almost done with school... woohoo!

    I'm trying to remain calm for my last month and a half. My husband has a training trip that he leaves for on October 6th... if the baby comes before that, he'll take his paternity leave and it won't matter. That would be the ideal situation here. If it's the 6th and there's no baby, he'll get flown commercially (Navy flight schedules are pretty rigid) and I'll have the numbers of some of the higher ups to call in case I go into labor... because if I call my husband, who's to say he won't be on a 3 hour dive underwater somewhere. He'll get flown back commercially again, all on the Navy's dime (woo!) and HOPEFULLY get home in time for the birth. So I'm trying not to think about the fact that there's a chance that he could miss the birth entirely... ughhh. I'll be doing my darndest to try to get this baby out before he leaves!
    - Em
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    @julylacs - I hope that little Jameson debuts before your DH has his training. That would be difficult to have the baby without him there. Good luck!

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