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    Feb 2012
    Glad the risk had improved. Good news.

    Name comment: I have finally starting to tell a few people that I am pregnant and it's really funny how it seems suddenly the next topic is names. Naturally enough what ever name you say they don't like it. Ahh the joys of naming.
    BABY GIRL FINALLY DUE 5 October after 2 Years of IVF
    Delivery booked: Debuting on or before 26th September!

    Current favourite name for our little Miss: Phoebe Eliza Grace
    Other (MNs probably) we like: Rose Eloise Matilda Madeleine Charlotte Eliza Violet Kate Jade Elizabeth Iris Scarlett Felicity Chloe

    Current (but never to be used...) favourite boy names: Oliver Thomas Henry William Alexander Flynn Liam Hugo Isaac Bennett Nikolai Reid Edward nn Ned Gus Tobias Austin Blake

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    @emiliaj - lol about naming. Even though we won't know what baby will be until July my DH and I have narrowed it down to three names for each gender. I don't mind sharing our top 3 with people, but we will definitely be keeping the actual choice we make until when baby is born, then we don't have to deal with people saying they don't like it.

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    Today, I am as far along with this baby as I was when I started to miscarry with my last little appleseed. I am trying not to think about it and go about my day as normal. Luckily, my ob has been really good at putting my mind at ease and I have an ultrasound scheduled for Tuesday. I just want to see that little flicker of a heartbeat, then I can start to relax a bit.

    We won't be telling anyone our name choices or the name when we narrow it down until the baby is born. Our families just don't have the same taste that we do, or have the ability to hide their disapproval with our choices.
    Expecting our December Rainbow!
    My fur babies: Toby and Trixie
    GP: Desdemona/Phadera/Cressida/Devereaux/Tybalt/Tiberius/Kai

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    katie - I am sure everything will be fine! Sending lots of sparkly good luck your way!

    Still puking and bleh but it seems easier to deal with after seeing my little beastie wiggle and move around and hearing the heartbeat!

    As far as names, I have been reluctant to share my choices, but I have told a few of my friends and coworkers and they all really like them (or at least pretended to, haha)! So that's been pretty awesome. Not telling my family, though. They're not going to like them (except my sister, who LOVES them, as I suspected she would). First names are still set, although I keep changing my mind on middles. the top contenders are Cytheria (Violet, Dwyn, Zephyr, Ellen, Beatrix) and Sequoia (Gideon, Jonathan, Maximus, Julian, Damian).
    Baby Sequoia Orion due October 2014!
    Other favorites: Cytheria, Arcadia, Seraphina, Caspian, Gideon

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    How has everyone's holiday weekend been (if you celebrate)? I'm exhausted. We had 4 Easter hunts. My son was very ready to go home after it was all done.

    I had my first pregnancy dream last night. Mine are always so horrific. When I was pregnant with Gabe I had a repeating dream that a man broke into my house in the middle of the night and tried to drill the baby out of me. With this one the dream I had was that the historic mansion museum I work at is haunted and the ghosts are trying to take the baby. They are so creepy and ridiculously real. Hopefully it won't happen too often.

    The family was asking about names today. Thankfully we can brush it off with the answer that Gabe has named the baby Elsa from Frozen without giving them any of the rest of our list. We've narrowed it down to the names in my signature but we won't choose for sure until we meet baby.
    Mother of Gabriel Christian, #2 (finally!) on the way!!!!

    DH finally agreed baby boy could be:

    Emrys, Sebastian, Atticus, Sage, Abraham, Ambrose

    We're still discussing middle names....

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