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    So the other night my Grandma and I were talking baby names and she suggested Charlotte. I am thinking of adding it to the list of contenders for little girl. Haven't ran the name by DH yet, any thoughts or opinions? I do realize its popular, at number 11, but in my state it was only given to 33 girls last year, and popularity isn't a huge factor for us.

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    I love Charlotte. And though it is really popular it isn't a name you run into terribly often where I live either. I think go for it if you like it.
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    lookingahead Charlotte is a wonderful name. I had it on our list until one of DH's workmates used it for their baby (it's a small team so not right to use it now). I was in love with the nn Lottie, and Charlotte is just pretty and classic.
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    @frobskottle - i really like Celeste Evangeline! I've had sciatic pain for a couple of months now, ugh, but it is actually starting to get better, or maybe i'm just not noticing it as much since my pelvis hurts all the time. I'm pretty sure it is separating.

    @lookingahead - Emrys Xavier is pretty darn cool, and you're right, it also LOOKs good! Haha.

    @jtucker - My baby sister is named Charlotte - IMO it's so classic and charming - you really can't go wrong with it! Her nn is "shar-shar", which I think is pretty adorable.

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    Thanks for the feedback on Charlotte. I am really starting to love it, and Dh agreed to put it on our list.

    @moonkai - those nightmares sound awful.

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