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  • Vivien

    29 30.85%
  • Sylvia (nn Sylvie)

    33 35.11%
  • Roxana

    11 11.70%
  • Claudia

    16 17.02%
  • Johanna

    21 22.34%
  • Clea (Clay - ah)

    13 13.83%
  • Maeve

    33 35.11%
  • Matilda

    42 44.68%
  • Gemma

    35 37.23%
  • Melina (nn Mila)

    23 24.47%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Opinion on my Short list

    I have a hard time deciding which names I like most on my list. Some names I'm on the fence with (Melina, and Roxana), so if anyone has a suggestion of a name similar to my style I would love to hear them. I tend to love classy (but not common) girl names, I'm also a sucker for a name that has a V, L, and or S sound in there somewhere. I also like names that end in an "anna" sound.

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    I voted for Clea and Melina. Such pretty names.
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    What a cute list! I voted for Sylvia, Claudia, Clea and Melina. These names are (for me at least) rarely heard of but so adorable.. Melina has to be one of my all time favourite names although I do prefer the spelling Malina.. I knew this gorgeous little girl names Sylvia once and she has made me love that name and the spelling..I havn't heard of Clea before but I love it! The spelling is so me and the pronunciation is cute and nicer IMO than Cleo..Claudia is also a very nice name.
    You have such good name sense lol! Good luck with finding the perfect ones for you..

    Ooh P.S. I also like the name Vivien but prefer the Vivienne spelling
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    Thank you! Melina is my most newly discovered name, so I was still weighting it out. I'm glad that name has gotten a great response so far!

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    Top Three Faves

    1 Matilda - a name of regal strength with a spunky flair
    2 Sylvia - this name is so lush that it just rolls off the tongue!
    3 Roxana - an exotic gem
    All the best,

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