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    Which do you prefer?

    I'm trying to cut down my list a little, so I've been grouping names with similar sounds.

    What do you think of these names? (be honest) Which are your favourites?

    Which do you think are usable/unusable/middles only?

    Brennan, Calen, Nolan
    Caspian, Darian, Finnian/Phinean, Sebastian
    Finnegan, Gilligan, Hartigan
    Devin, Peregrin, Severin, Thorin, Torin
    Auberon, Ecthelion, Endymion, Gideon, Solomon

    Thanks in advance!
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    Brennan, Calen, Nolan - Calen is my favorite. Brennan is outdated and my least favorite.

    Caspian, Darian, Finnian/Phinean, Sebastian - I like this list really well. Sebastian, Finnian and Caspian are all great.

    Finnegan, Gilligan, Hartigan - Finnegan is literary and amazing.

    Devin, Peregrin, Severin, Thorin, Torin - This isn't my style. Very mythic sounding.

    Auberon, Ecthelion, Endymion, Gideon, Solomon - Again, very mythic and heavy for an adult to wear.

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    My favorites are Nolan, Finnian, Sebastian, Devin, and Torin. I would consider Caspian, Peregrin, and Thorin for middle names. I love Hawthorne as a middle name and would consider Thorne. I personally would take Gilligan, Hartigan, Ecthelion, and Endymion off the list.
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    Sophie Elizabeth Fable
    Grace Margaret Birdie "Birdie"
    Emma Jane Magnolia
    Lottie Clementine Beatrix/Beatrice
    Evelyn ? Dulcie "Evvie"
    Alice Madeleine Waverly

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    Usable First Names (my faves are bolded)


    Usable as Middle Names

    Auberon - I love this name but he was King of the Fairies so it would be hard for a boy to pull it off as a first name.
    Endymion - this would be difficult for a plain boy to bear as a first name
    Finnegan - better as a spunky middle name
    Hartigan - too surnamey for my taste
    Peregrin - spelled this Tolkien way it's better in the middle spot. Peregrine is better as a first name.

    Dislike these names...

    Calen -lacks substance, I wouldn't use it
    Darian - see Calen
    Ecthelion - unusable
    Gilligan - too connected to the 1960's dim-witted TV character on "Gilligan's Island".
    Severin - dislike the meaning
    Thorin - only if you're a Tolkien Dwarf.
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    My list of Honor Names, Favorites, and
    Just names I find interesting:
    GIRLS: Alda, Aldina, Bernice, Carolina, Esmeralda, Glenna, Glennora, Josephine, Lillian, Oliviera, Rosemarie, Valentina
    EITHER: Augustine, Harley, Harlen, Ocean, Perry, River, Rowan
    BOYS: Alden, Brooks, Euan, Ezra, Gable, Glenwell, Isaac, Jasper, Julian, Mattias, Oliver, Oswald, Wells

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