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Thread: Combo feedback

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    Combo feedback (Quinn, Marilla, Rosemary, etc.)

    I think I have finally figured out what I like in a combo. It is hard to describe in words, but the combos below seem to fit the basic feel that I like, although I am not set on any of them yet. Anyway, I'm hoping for both feedback on the combos below and ideas on other names or combos I might like. If you feel like describing how each combo feels to you or what it makes you picture, that would be wonderful as well! Thank you in advance!

    Quinn Eliora
    Rosemary Paige
    Sarai Melisande
    Marilla Tess
    Jessamine Lark
    Cassia Florence

    Still looking for middles for:
    Vera (prn. VEH-ra)
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    Not expecting, just planning and building lists!

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    I love Sarai Melisande, Quinn Eliora, Jessamine Lark and Cassia Florence are also nice. Love how you pronounce Vera.
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    Ooh, I love Vera (pronounced that way too) - it's on my long list!
    My favourites are Marilla Tess (Marilla is just gorgeous) and Jessamine Lark.
    How about:
    Vera Rae (too blend-y?)
    Vera Marnie
    Vera Maeve
    Vera Fern
    Vera Clementine
    Vera Corisande
    Vera Eleanor
    Vera Maude
    Vera Elizabeth
    Vera Juniper
    Vera Ebony
    Vera Esme
    Vera Muriel
    Vera Melisande
    Vera Aurelie
    Vera Ophelie
    Vera Evangeline (too v heavy?)
    Vera Estelle
    Vera Scarlett
    Vera Isolde
    Vera Gwendoline

    Willa Hope
    Willa Thora
    Willa Aisling
    Willa Maris
    Willa Ianthe
    Willa Freya
    Willa Rose (okay, so I know Rose is a super common mn - but Willa Rose just sounds so pretty!)
    Willa Guinevere
    Willa Queenie
    Willa Astrid
    Willa Briony

    Della Beatrice
    Della Valentine
    Della Agnes
    Della Edith
    Della Lorna
    Della Megara
    Della Josephine
    Della Marion
    Della Coralie

    Hope you find something there to your tastes
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    For girls, I love:
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    Guilty pleasures are: Blaise - Orion - Caspian --- Madelief - Isolde - Hero

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    Thanks for the feedback so far!

    @appellation_addict: Ooh, those are some GREAT combo ideas! I particularly love:
    Vera Maeve
    Vera Fern
    Vera Juniper (so fresh and nature-y!)
    Willa Hope
    Willa Rose (you're right -- this is beautiful!)
    Willa Briony
    Della Beatrice (so vintage and quaint)
    Della Valentine (so rich and sweet. This combo really makes me smile)

    Thank you again and please keep the feedback coming!
    Not expecting, just planning and building lists!

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    I love Quinn Eliora, Jessamine Lark & Cassia Florence. Out of your picks from appellation_addict's list I love Vera Maeve, Willa Briony, Della Beatrice & Della Valentine

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