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Thread: Luca or Luka?

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    Since you're French-Canadian, I'd go with Luca. I like both spellings but Luka gives off an Eastern European vibe and doesn't work as well with the other names on your list.
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    I prefer Luca!
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    For some reason I prefer Luka, even though usually I prefer Cs to Ks.
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    Thank you for all your help - I'm now considering more things for either name. The eastern-European feel to Luka is actually what I like about it, as I've always had a thing for those names, but you are right, it doesn't really fit with the others and I don't actually have any roots in eastern-Europe. Luca is the more typically French way, and I actually thought Luka would have been the more popular one in English speaking places. I was wrong!

    I'd love more opinions since I can't seem to make up my mind!

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    I love Luca! I know an adorable little boy named Luca and its my favourite way of spelling it!

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