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  • Brody

    6 12.50%
  • Gavin

    10 20.83%
  • Max

    13 27.08%
  • Miles

    17 35.42%
  • Owen

    18 37.50%
  • Spencer

    17 35.42%
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    Undecided....Which one??

    So we found out the other day we are having another boy. As much as I am excited, I am stressing over a name. I feel like its my other 2 boys all over again. And I told my husband I am not settling this time. I am going to find a name I love! Siblings are Lily, Chase, Zack.
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    I voted for Owen, Spencer and Miles, any of which I think would work well. Brody is similar to Lily, and Max sounds a bit like Zack. And Gavin... well actually Gavin works too! So I guess all I did was eliminate two.

    Owen Spencer, Spencer Owen, Spencer Miles, Miles Owen, Gavin Spencer.... unless you already have a middle picked out?
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    I like Max with Lily and your potential Isla, but i like Brody with your boys' names. I think Miles is a nice mixture of both styles. Good luck!

    Edit to add: I've also just noticed that Max is a bit too similar to Zack, so its definitely Miles or Brody for me!
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    I really love Brody, Spencer, and Owen! I think they all fit really well with Lily, Chase, and Zack, and I sort of like the Scottish connection between both Isla and Brody. There's something very adorable about them together!

    Good luck!

    ETA: I also really, really love Gavin, and I think it goes really well with Lily, Chase, and Isla. For some reason, Zack seems to stick out and doesn't quite seem to fit as well with all the rest (for me, anyway), but something like Lily, Chase, Zack, and Gavin still works really well, for example. I think Brody and Gavin are my favorites, in hindsight. I wish I had voted for that, as well!
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    I love Gavin by itself and with you other kids' names. I actually like all your names except Brody. Maybe because it rhymes with "Grody"? Good luck.

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