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    Names to go with Phoebe

    Hi I have a daughter named phoebe and a son named Mackenzie. I am looking for really unusual yet not too out there 'spunky' names, the only I can think of is felicity and Freya but not too keen on Freya! I also love Teagan but my daughters middle name is this so been told can't use it haha! Oh and I also like eboni and Brittany.. And I adore AURORA and autumn!!! Middlename suggestions to go would be good too please! Thank you x
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    How about Aurora Felicity? I like Felicity, Freya, Eboni (although I'd stick to the original spelling as it's uncommon enough), Aurora and Autumn.
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    Autumn Felicity
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    Never considered Aurora Felicity, a really beautiful name haha! thanks do you have any other suggestions? I def like autumn but feel it may be becoming a little too popular now! Also like willow but don't feel it's girly enough lol xx
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