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    Lightbulb I let my husband at my list...

    And now it's heart-breakingly shorter! There's a few names I was sad to see go, but I'm happy with what's left. Opinions? Combos? Sibset ideas? Our first born girl will have the middle name Rue or Ruth, and our firstborn son will have the middle name Daniel (family names). Other family names for middles- Margaret, Maren, Bridget, Robert, Ernest, Brooke, Jessamyn, Karenna.

    Theodore (Ted)
    Francis (Frankie)

    Coraline (Cora)
    Caroline (Cara)
    Violetta (Etta)
    Cordelia (Cora or Delia)

    Obviously Coraline & Caroline wouldn't be used together, nor would Coraline & Cordelia. I hate obvious themes, so names starting with the same letter wouldn't be used together either.

    If I were to have a baby today I think I'd go with Coraline Ruth or Theodore Daniel. But that changes day to day so who knows!

    Any other names you think DH and I might like, based on our list?

    willa gallifrey - rosalie maren - rhea viv - caroline rue - maeve arlandria
    gibson daniel - marshall john - abel finnian - theodore fox - leander brooks

    Fur Kids: Caledonia (Kala) & Marty

    TTC #1

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