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    namebanks & dice

    DH your choice
    DW your choice

    Roll for number of births

    1-2 = 5
    3-4 = 6
    5-6 = 7
    7-8 = 8

    Genders - even=girl, odd=boy; Roll a 7 for twins (then roll again for genders), 8 for triplets (roll again for genders)

    then for each birth roll for first name name bank and middle name name banks - multiples from the same names banks


    1) Audrey, Ava, Bridget, Marilyn, Sophia, Marlene, Doris, Rita, Harlow
    2) Peyton, Sage, Reese, Kennedy, Reagan, Blair, Harper, Evelyn, Piper, Marley
    3) Amity, Faith, Grace, Hope, Virtue, Mercy, Temperance, Honor, Liberty, Merritt
    4) Charlotte, Elizabeth, Eleanor, Olivia, Isobel, Georgia, Victoria, Matilda
    5) Mary, Edith, Jane, Beatrice, Dolores, Alice, Cecily, Clarise, Sybil, Hannah
    6) Violet, Lavender, Scarlett, Sienna, Mauve, Blue, Lilac, Rowan, Jade, Ebony
    7) Persephone, Lavinia, Isabeau, Cordelia, Seraphina, Evangeline, Ophelia, Lorelei
    8) Lyric, Allegra, Viola, Cadence, Aria, Calliope, Belle, Harmony, Fifer, Melody, Celeste


    1) Hayden, Sawyer, Finley, Elliot, Blake, Rory, Ellis, Cameron, Logan, Casey
    2) James, Charles, Theodore, Arthur, Samuel, Thomas, George, Daniel, Oliver
    3) Lincoln, Bennett, Brady, Keegan, Edison, Parker, Dawson, Reid, Walker
    4) Alfred, Albert, Edgar, Floyd, Harold, Edward, Quincy, Vaughn, William, Phillip
    5) Elijah, Ezekiel, Abraham, Abel, Gabriel, Moses, Malachi, Reuben, Isaac, Levi
    6) Gage, Flint, Caspian, River, Forest, Hudson, Lake, Clay, Arrow, Bay, Ash
    7) York, Roman, Bronx, Berlin, Kingston, Nile, Oslo, Rio, Portland, Cyprus, Preston
    8) Augustus, Lysander, Ignatius, Magnus, Philo, Valor, Ulysses, Romeo, Archibald, Remus
    19 year old name lover from England

    Current Favourites

    Avia, Abigail, Athena, Betsy, Clementine, Charlotte, Cecily, Darcy, Evelyn, Emmeline, Freya, Isla, Mila
    Arthur, Alfred, Benjamin, Elliot, Freddie, Grayson, Isaac, James, Jude, Jasper, Milo, Remus, Theo, Tate

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