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    Your Growing Family CAF: Part 1- The Parents

    This CAF is going to go through your family's life all the way to your grandchildren!

    This Round will be you and your partner, a long with your looks, profession, and how you met...

    You will need a 12 sided die

    Last Names:
    1. Beck, Arellano, Johnson
    2. Ware, Shaw, Solis
    3. Johnston, Villanueva, Thornton
    4. Love, Carpenter, Dorsey
    5. Campbell, Harding, Farley
    6. Chase, Brewer, Manning
    7. Sherman, Summers, Cortez
    8. Paul, Bean, Davies
    9. Holder, Suarez, Monroe
    10. Barker, Chin, Boone
    11. Flynn, Bolton, Farrell
    12. Walker, Ayers, Huerta

    Girl Names (Roll 2x- Once for first name and once for middle name)
    1. Amabel, Annabel, Bluebell, Clarabell, Isabelle, Maribel, Sybelle, Zabelle
    2. Annora, Caia, Easton, Katherina, Lucienne, Snow, Veronique, Vita
    3. Ada, Eve, Elizabeth, Lydia, Mary, Naomi, Selah, Tabitha
    4. Alice, Bryony, Eilidh, Iris, Layla, Maisie, Rhiannon, Zara
    5. Beatrice, Celia, Eliza, Georgia, India, Ivy, Juliet, Nora
    6. Charlotte, Christine, Francesca, Jacqueline, Maxine, Olivia, Samantha, Victoria
    7. Amelia, Blair, Calliope, Fallon, Hadley, Hazel, Marie, Sofia
    8. Aster, Clover, Flora, Heather, Jasmine, Lily, Magnolia, Violet
    9. Axelle, Clea, Elodie, Isaline, Leonie, Maelys, Salome, Severine
    10. Adalynn, Bristol, Emery, Everly, Gracelyn, Liv, Macie, McKinley
    11. Agnes, Avis, Bliss, Ellis, Frances, Isis, Mavis, Reese
    12. Anna, Caroline, Claire, Emily, Kate, Margaret, Molly, Sarah

    Boy Names (Roll 2x - Once for first name and once for middle name)
    1. Alistair, Benedict, Clyde, Dashiell, Fergus, George, Lewis, Peter
    2. Ace, Axel, Diesel, Fox, Jett, Maxen, Rider, Wilder
    3. Asher, Brantley, Clayton, Daxton, Forrest, Greyson, Marshall, Weston
    4. Austin, Charlie, Jack, Jesse, Luke, Maxwell, Trey, Zane
    5. Beau, Declan, Emmett, Hudson, Jude, Levi, Milo, Wyatt
    6. Alfie, Callum, Ellis, Finlay, Harvey, Lachlan, Rhys, Trevor
    7. Alexander, Benjamin, Harry, James, Mark, Michael, Samuel, William
    8. Blaise, Boone, Fox, Judd, Nico, Rhett, Shane, West
    9. Adam, Brody, Cash, Colt, Jericho, Maverick, Walker, Zeb
    10. Bear, Buff, Chip, Doc, Duke, Flip, Puck, Trip
    11. Bertram, Durwood, Gomer, Herman, Melvin, Orvill, Sherman, Wilbur
    12. Alex, Gus, Jax, Magnus, Mason, Maxfield, Sam, Theo


    Hair Texture:
    1/7. Wavy
    2/8. Curly
    3/9. Straight
    4/10. Curly
    5/11. Wavy
    6/12. Straight

    Hair Color:
    1. Blonde
    2. Brown
    3. Red
    4. Black
    5. Dyed
    6. Red
    7. Blonde
    8. Brown
    9. Black
    10. Brown
    11. Red
    12. Blonde

    Eye Color:
    1. Hazel
    2. Brown
    3. Blue
    4. Grey
    5. Green
    6. Blue
    7. Brown
    8. Brown
    9. Black
    10. Blue
    11. Green
    12. Hazel

    Profession(You pick job):
    1. Politics
    2. Animal Care
    3. Teaching
    4. Construction
    5. Law
    6. Business
    7. Health Care
    8. No Job
    9. Art
    10. Music
    11. Charity Work
    12. Accounting

    How You Met (You tell story):
    1/7. At and Ice Cream shop
    2/8. School
    3/9. Through Friends
    4/10. Work
    5/11. In a park
    6/12. Childhood best friends

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    The Parents
    LN: Walker

    Me: Francesca Elodie Snow
    -wavy, red hair
    -hazel eyes
    -teaching, third grade

    DH: Hudson Wilder Greyson
    -curly, brown hair
    -green eyes
    -music, singer

    Hudson and I met one day in the park. My dog had jerked away from me and I let go of her leash. I immediately go chasing after her, and I ran past Hudson screaming like a lunatic for her. He ran with me and eventually was the one to catch her leash. I thanked him over and over and asked what I could do to repay him. He, in his cocky nature, said that a date would be the only way and gave me his number. I decided why not, because he was so handsome, and went. He was very kind and charming, but a bit over-confident. I couldn't stop myself from falling for his goofy nature, and we've been together ever since that first date.

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    LN: Sherman-Bean

    DW: Alice Lily Sherman-Bean (25)
    -Straight Red hair
    -Hazel eyes
    -Charity Worker

    DW: Kate Lydia Sherman-Bean (26)
    -Curly Blonde hair
    -Green eyes

    Kate and I met at school in the 10th grade. I had just moved to a new town after my dad got a new job. She was in my first class, and I instantly wanted to be friends with her. She had a great smile and was bubbly. We got to know each other through the Gay-Straight Alliance at our school, and then began dating. We ended up going to different schools for College, but they were only a few hours away, so we always saw each other on weekends. After she graduated, we got engaged, and then married three months after I graduated!

    Kate and I

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    Jan 2014
    DW: Juliet Calliope (Love) Carpenter
    -curly brown hair
    -hazel eyes
    -business owner (independent clothing store)

    DH: Maxwell Gus Carpenter "Max"
    -curly dyed blue hair
    -black eyes

    Juliet and Max met at work back when they had a part time job at a local grocery store when they were both in college.
    Names that make me happy:

    Hugo Valentine, Arthur Lennox, Jack Solomon, Samuel Griffin, Raphael Hugh & Elizabeth Cosima, Eleanor Valentina, Edith Georgiana, Antonia Lily, Mabel October
    Thinking About: Cressida Night & Everett Caius

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    Nov 2013
    DW: Charlotte Isabelle Holder
    -wavy, blonde hair, brown eyes
    -high school english teacher

    DH: George Duke Thornton
    -straight, black hair, hazel eyes

    childhood best friends

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