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  • Beau

    38 38.78%
  • Finn

    45 45.92%
  • Tate

    15 15.31%
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    I like Finn far more than the other two, and I think it sounds best with Poppy.....but go with what you love!
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    I love Finn and I think it sounds fantastic with Poppy! Poppy and Finn Sounds great
    Walter Theodore 14/03/2016


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    I voted before I read your initial comments on this thread. I picked Tate instinctively but after seeing you already have a little girl named Poppy, I think Finn works better and it's a great sib-set.

    Beau...I know many love that name on these boards but it's just not my style. It may have more to do with a negative association with the only person I've met with this name.

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    I actually love Beau. So I voted for that. It is a common enough name that I don't think the teasing potential is that high.

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    Finn is extremely cute with Poppy, but unfortunately, I dont love the popularity of the name--
    Thats why Im voting for Beau--goes great with Poppy and isnt as widely used/known as Finn--
    Tate is cool, just not as cool as Beau!---
    You really cant go wrong with any of them!
    Good luck!

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