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    Help! Middle name for our new baby Felix!

    Had our baby boy, one week ago today, and we still haven't chosen a middle name! First name is Felix. Big brother is Louis Sebastian. My husband is French, so name must work in French and English. A few I'm thinking about are Alexandre, Benjamin, Etienne, Gabriel, but not sure if DH is sold on those. I also love Auguste but got a big no from DH on that one. Any ideas welcome! Thanks

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    What about Amory? That was the first name that came to mind after reading your post.
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    I like Felix Alexander, although prefer Alexander Felix
    Benjamin and Edward are also good names

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    Different Suggestions: (I * my favorite).
    Felix Aurélien*
    Felix Boniface
    Felix Clément
    Felix Emmanuel
    Felix Geoffrey*
    Felix Lionel
    Felix Séverin*
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