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    I don't really like the idea of naming laws, which may be because 1. I'm American, and I've never even heard of such a thing until recently, and 2. I'm not a huge fan of government intervention in any aspect of my life. Of course I hear a name sometimes and wish the parents had been told not to do it, but at the end of the day we still have full power over what we name our children. And honestly, a child is your responsibility entirely until they're of age, which does kind of make them yours. It's never really nice to think of a person as property, but I've always kind of felt like as a child I WAS my mom's property, since I had to do what she told me to do and what not.

    I can definitely see the pros of naming laws, though. Especially in countries where grammar and identity are more important than they are here in the US.
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    I'm pretty damn libertarian, but some laws are necessary, and this is one. To an extent. My opinion is it should be used only in extreme cases. Just like the state should step in if/when parents are being douchebags and beating their kids or denying them life-saving medical care because Jesus, the state should step in if/when parents decide to name their kid Fartface Dumpsterbutt. Of course there's no way around the fact that it's a subjective thing. There's no way to make a list of acceptable and unacceptable names. But again I firmly believe stepping into sacred parenting territory like this should be limited to names that will cause the child undue hardship, like Adolf Whitenazi or Bucknasty Shart.

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    I personally don't like strict naming laws. I do think there should be some restrictions for the sake of the child. Such as the poor kids named Princess (made top 1000) and Beautiful and even more for those named Prynscesse and Beeayutyfulle.
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    First of all, I think that there should be restrictions in order to prevent harm on babies named ie Apple or Google. I live in Germany and in my country there are naming laws, not very strict though but still existent.
    1. In Germany it is very important to be able to tell the person´s gender from their name. In other words the name should indicate the gender. Gender neutral names are rejected and you have to choose another one.
    2. You cannot use the names of places, objects of products (except the brand´s name is a real name, ie Mercedes)
    3. The Standesamt (the office of vital statistics in the area a baby is born) accepts or rejects the name you chose. So you may have to choose another name. Remember that in Germany each time you submit a name you pay (I don´t remember very well how much but I think 12.00E). When evaluating, the Standesamt refers to a book, something like The International Manual Of First Names if translated into English. They also consult foreign embassies for non-German names. Thus, most parents end up to more traditional choices.

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