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    Cool What is it with the trendy names?

    I was born in 1986 as a Megan Elizabeth. Yeah Megan was trendy but it doesn't sound unsophisticated. I can understand names like Sophia, Ava, Lily, Olivia, etc but I live in central Delaware and there seems to be a redneck naming rush on names like Paislee, Brooklyn, Kaylee, Brooklynne, Calee. If your daughter grew up to be a doctor would you want her to be called Dr. Paislee Smith? It doesn't sound like it induces confidence in the patient.

    My husband and I are Orthodox Jews (he's actually a redeneck from Kentucky, don't ask) and we plan on naming our first daughter per Jewish tradition after family members who have lived a good life. We plan on naming her Gail (husband's mom) Elizabeth (my middle name) Goldstein. We have also picked out alternate Hebrew names: Esther Herut which means "star of freedom" or Rachel Gail. I am a convert so my own naming traditions play a part in this too. We plan on naming our son Marlin (family name) and his middle name will be Carl after his great grandfather. Marlin Carl sounds relatively rural but not trashy.

    I just don't get the white trash sounding names people give kids in my area. I'm sick of names that end in "lee" or "lynn". I'm no snob; I grew up low income in a rural area but I just think that when you give your kid a name it has to serve them well in adulthood. Paislee might be cute now but will it sound that great when applying to the Air Force Academy?

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    People who give their kids cutesy/trendy names don't tend to have the experience of being doctors, lawyers, or Air Force Academy grads. They tend to be high school kids or recent grads who want their kids to be cute and popular and successful at cheerleading, dance squad, or football. I love Rachel of your picks!

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    My waitress mom also named my sister Sarah Anne

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    I'm actually a truck driver/ volunteer firefighter by trade.

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    Our children will be STRICTLY forbidden from those activities. I could see my career Air Force husband beating the ever loving crap out of a football coach and me physically attacking a dance/cheerleader coach. They can do ballet and ballroom dancing but they can't do cheerleader type dancing. The costumes violate our standards of modesty.

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