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    Thoughts on Sheridan

    I know a lot of berries don't like boy names on girls, but Nameberry suggests this one gets a new life on a girl. What's your opinion on Sheridan? I quite like it to honor a Sheri.
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    There was a girl at school with this name and she always got Sheridan which I didn't mind but later I knew people called her Sherry which I didn't like at all.
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    I would ignore most of the official Nameberry Team advice for the most part; they've been criticized massively on the forums for a while now.

    Sheridan has a very dated feel to me. It's really 'chavy' where I'm from - but I don't think that sort of social structure and conditioning exists outside the UK, nor do I particularly think it should matter. I'm personally just not a fan. I feel like she'd have sister Ashley and Brooke... just dated surnamey names.

    I do have a soft spot of Irish surnames on the whole though, particularly for girls. I'd suggest... Madigan, Brennan, Greer, Blythe, Tierney?
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    I'm not a fan of Sheridan for a girl, or a boy really. As a name, Sheridan feels really masculine.
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    To be honest I don't really like it. If you wanted to honour a Sheri there are other names that could do it, personally I like Sheree or Sherie. You could still do it as a middle name if you weren't too sure. Best of luck!
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