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    if you want Enzo for a nn:

    The first name could begin with E, En, etc, and the middle name could begin with N, or contain an O ending, so it would be a combo nickname instead of a nn based solely off of his first name.


    Evander Santos or Evan Zachariah or Emerson Zachary

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    Lou - for me Enzo is too short. I already have slight issues with how short Erich and Felix are on my list and they only manage to hang onto top spots because I do love them that much.
    In regards to using Enzo: someone said this on a thread the other day about another show but I think its worth repeating: don’t rule out a name you like because of a show you don’t even watch. VD isn’t going to be on the air forever - but your son will be our son forever. You need to love the name. (Plus: the show is doesn’t have the same cult status as something like StarTrek for example - people won’t here Enzo and think VD the way they here Kirk and think of Captain Kirk.

    Ashley - An E first and Z second is actually a brilliant idea. With Erich and Emmett already being favorites of mine and Zachary being a potential option as a middle (to honor a deceased college friend of me SO). We might do a double middle as I have a double middle so Z in second place would be awesome thanks. (Not that this would dissuade me or that I think anyone else would ever make the association but with Emmett and Enzo there’s a lot of Vampire love to go around. lol).
    ...if my husbands has no vote, then....
    Endora & Lorelei / Dexter & Gideon
    ...we are newlyweds and not trying...yet...

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    Glad I could help even a little bit Good luck.

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    Enzo is awesome! Vincenzo could work for you. Another one I have heard, but isn't listed on Nameberry is Lucenzo.

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