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    NN Enzo but not Lorenzo... HELP!!!

    One of my GP shows is Vampire Diaries. I’m almost ashamed - but they use such awesome names. My most recent VD love is Enzo. I think Enzo is amazing, it’s just a little short as a fn for my liking.

    Here’s my problem..... my god son’s name is Lawrence! They are a no nn family so I’m not worried about them being upset about nn Enzo provided I don’t use Lorenzo as a full name.

    Do any of you amazing, creative Berries have any suggestions? Or is it hopeless and I should just leave Enzo on my GP list?

    Any and all suggestions are eagerly anticipated and more than welcome. I’m totally at a loss.

    Disclaimer: Not pregnant or TTC yet!
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    Kenzo (maybe you could use this as a nickname for Kenneth or Kennedy?)

    I see you have Vincent on your list--I think Enzo could be a nickname for Vincent!

    It's not much, but I hope I helped!
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    Seriously, I see no problem with having a Lawrence and a Lorenzo in the same family, and much less with a Lawrence and an Enzo?

    Apart from the examples mentioned: Mackenzie, Wenzel, Enrico or Henry, perhaps?
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    Megan - your post was actually super helpful. I was having such a name block. Vincent with a O- or -o middle name nn Enzo would totally work for me - I can’t believe I didn’t think of Vincenzo - awesome, thanks!!!

    SugarPlum - Ordinarily I’d agree but as Lawrence is my cousin’s son and my god-son - and she looked long and far for a “classic but under-popular” name I know she would be upset by me considering Lorenzo or anything with a too similar name root. (I think I could get away with Enzo as a nn I like the idea of Henry. I have Hendrik on my list and was thinking of nn Henry but maybe Hendrik with a z or o middle would work just as well... what do you think?

    Thanks you two for your great suggestions. If anyone else has more I’d love to hear them!!!!
    Little Lorelei - May 2016
    Endora - Merida - Viola - Zelda
    Dexter - Felix - Gideon - Victor

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    Enzo is one of our top picks for a boy, as he will be a significant portion Italian - but we would just use Enzo as the full name. Does he have to have a different full name or would you consider using it as the full name?

    ...I had no idea it was on Vampire Diaries though. Might rethink it a bit more now.

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