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Thread: Nn Patch?

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    Nn Patch?

    I'm into funky nicknames and I kinda like patch. What could it be short for other than Patrick?
    Is patch a weird nickname? I don't want someone to assume he is a bandaid baby ( I overthink things ) :-) Tia!
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    It could be short for Patricia, or Patience! But I can see you're going with boy names, so what about Paxton or Patton or Patterson?
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    Love Patch!

    It could be short for any 'Pat' name - Patterson, Patton, Patrice, Patricio, Patricius?
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    4,576 just makes me think 'clown'...or dog w/a big spot around his eye.

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    Why not just call him Patch? Why does his nickname need a connection to his given name?
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