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    Rebecca Elizabeth or Shirley Elizabeth

    which of these do people here like or hate?

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    Strangely, I really like the way Shirley Elizabeth sounds.
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    I like Rebecca Elizabeth. Shirley will always remind me of Shirley Temple, and I think it's too dated for my taste.
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    I prefer Rebecca Elizabeth, I don't really like Shirley it's too tied down to Shirley Temple. Plus Shirley sounds the same as surely and I think it would get annoying hearing surely, Shirley all the time.
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    I prefer Rebecca Elizabeth, for two reasons, actually. Shirley feels really dated (although I can appreciate it, and I do rather like Shirley Elizabeth, as far as Shirley combos go!), and also, the one Shirley and the one Rebecca I know most closely... my sister is Rebecca and I love her. My coworker Shirley is... a bit. Meh, strange? I don't even know how to describe her, haha, but I find my sister a much better connection than her. It's not that I dislike my coworker (I like her, on most days, haha)--I just like my sister better.

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