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Thread: Dimity?

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    Dec 2010
    Thanks for replies, I thought it was rather quirky and beautiful. But perhaps not a consensus view! I first heard it from Aunt Dimity in Nancy Atherton's books, well a friend told me in fact, I have not read them. Then I saw this post on Appellationmountain:

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    I much prefer Amity, Verity, Reverie, something of that nature
    Brittany Leigh, but I prefer just Britt
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    It is also the name of a rather lovely Farrow and ball paint colour (!!) which is not necessarily a great thing

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    The "dim" syllable makes this a no go for me.

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    My main association is the fabric. It's like a light cotton.

    "Dim" makes it a no for me, but I like girl names with this cadence, like Verity, Amity, and Cecily, so I see why you like it.
    Catherine/Kathleen, Susan/Susannah, Anne/Anna/Annabeth, Jane, Margaret/Marguerite, Rose/Rosemary, Cecile/Cecily, Flora/Laura, Gwendolen, Paloma, Tabitha, Lucille, Beatrice, Harriet

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