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    What do you guys think of Dorothea? It's my grandmother's name and I like it but I have some reservations. I have a hard time picturing it on a baby/little girl and wondering if it's too out dated, what do you guys think? Also, it is pronounced very differently in German and in English (we are a bilingual family). We really try to find names that are pronounced similarly in both languages. In German it would be pronounced Dor-o-tay-a since the "th" sound doesn't exist in German.

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    I love Dorothea pronounced in German way. It's so lovely name and I might one day use it.
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    I dislike it. No offense. I think there are a lot of variations and similar names to Dorothea that could work and may possibly be more usable.
    for example, Dora, Dorothy, Dara, Alethea, with Alethea being my favorite. Dara, Dorienne, Dorianne, Doriana could work, although I am honestly not sure if those are "legit" names.

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    I love Dorothea! In English Dot and Thea are both cute nicknames. An adorable, neglected classic.

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    I love Dorothea! It's actually one of my cat's names, and I get tons of compliments on it. I think it's definitely ready for a comeback.

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