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  • Sulamay Mozelle Berkowitz

    10 21.74%
  • Samara Mozelle Berkowitz

    36 78.26%
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    Help, down to the final two

    I think we are down to two baby girl names:

    1) Sulamay Mozelle (Soo-la-may)

    2) Samara Mozelle

    I am interested to hear which you prefer as a name without any context. Below is the story, if you want to decide with some background:

    Baby girl is a delightful and unlikely surprise. She has two older sisters (Eliyah Khai and Aviva Joy). Baby is so peaceful and steady and loves water. It is remarkable that she was conceived and she survived a dramatically dangerous birth. For this reason I like Samara ("guided or protected") and that is how I thought of her for the first 6 months of pregnancy. HOWEVER, towards the and now that she is here she seems so serene and the name "Sula" just seems to keep coming from my mouth. I like the NN Sula much more than Sammy or Mara. Sulamay sounds soft and lovely and peaceful. Samara I also like... the last name is so clunky (see poll below) but there is nothing I can do about the last names.

    (other favorites were Talia Simone, Annika Mozelle, Salomay Mozelle)

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    Wow Eliyah Khai and Aviva Joy are such beautiful names! I do like Samara better to be honest and I think (depending on where you live of course) Sulamay may have some pronunciation issues. I like the nn Mara but I think you could also use Sula as a nn by itself. I know many people who have nn's with nothing to do with their actual name..I saw a movie recently where the older sister Beatrice kept the nn Beezus which was what her younger sister called her when she couldn't say her name. Samara isn't too far off from Sula and I agree Sula is pretty adorable..why not? I like it.
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    I originally voted for Samara, but after the background, I change my vote to Sulamay! It's gorgeous and sounds so calming
    Plus Sula is a lovely nickname
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    I prefer Samara for its exotic appeal and special meaning. Sulamay reminds me of the name Salome so I'm not crazy about the spelling. Peaceful babies can change as they grow up! I know I certainly did.
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    I love the meaning of Samara and I think it is fitting for this baby based on your story.
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