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    Sidney variations for Girls

    I love Sidney. I love it for a boy or a girl and if I had a boy in the future, I could definitely see it as a major possibility.

    BUT... I think the 'Sidney' spelling, personally, is reserved for boys.

    My question is, what variations of Sidney do you like for girls?

    All opinions are appreciated
    Not expecting but hopefully one day that will change.

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    I know a cydney. I think it's really cute.

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    The most common spelling I've seen on girls is Sydney, which turns it into more of a place name. I think this is the version that would be least likely to get misspelled on a girl.

    I'm a big fan of the similar French name Sidonie, though it's likely to get misspelled or mispronunced living in an English-speaking country. But still, it's so pretty!
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    Sidonie is gorgeous.

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    I think the total opposite and maybe it's because I'm accustomed to the letter I being in girly names but I think Sidney looks more feminine and I would only call my son Sydney of the two (although I wouldn't because I think they both look rather feminine. It reminds me of a lady I knew who called her son London which I ONLY think of as a girl's name so that was weird in my opinion) Is Sydnie a name? Lol I think that looks okay for a girl..ooh and Sidonie looks nice too.

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