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    Middle Names For Harper, Hadley, Darcy, Ernest, Walter, Gregory, Rhett & Albert.

    I have 8 names on my boys list that I need middle name suggestions for, and I'd love some help.

    I haven't got any restrictions for my boys list at all, but I want something that's definitely all boy for Harper, Hadley & Darcy.

    So far I've thought of:

    Harper Andrew
    Hadley Thomas
    Darcy Alexander
    Ernest Daniel (my great great grandfather's name)
    Walter Harrison
    Gregory James
    Rhett Alexander
    Albert Joel

    But I'm not really loving any of them.

    Thanks for any suggestions
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    Harper Andrew- how about Harper Gordon
    Hadley Thomas LIKE
    Darcy Alexander LIKE- prefer Alexander Darcy
    Ernest Daniel (I'm not so keen on the repeated 'n')-how about Ernest David
    Walter Harrison- OK, How about Walter Patrick (off your sig)
    Gregory James LIKE
    Rhett Alexander LIKE... actually LOVE!!!
    Albert Joel Hmm kind of like. Prefer Joel Albert
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