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    Timothy Lewis and Elliot Patrick
    Ingrid Victoria and Audrey Diane
    And then as for a boy/girl combo...probably one of each.

    These are just name combos I've been loving lately.

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    TTC Baby #1
    My Teddy Bear (aka my puppy): Rufus (4-24-13)


    GP: Perseus-Hamish-Mason-Shep-Cassian-Asa-Lavender-Elula-Winter-Mireille-Ophelie-Azalea

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    Lovely Ladies: Edith nn Edie, Ada, Millie, Honor nn Nora, Elinor, Beatrice nn Bea, Eloise, Elizabeth nn Lilibet, Ina, Lucy, Cecily/Cecilia, Lillian nn Lily, and Clara

    Dashing Gents: Hugh, Edmund, Rowan, Fulton, Oliver nn Ollie, Jasper, Christopher nn Kit, Theodore, Vincent, Benedict, Joseph, and Graham/Graeme

    Guilty Pleasures: Remus nn Remy, Rufus, Ezra, Emerson, Joaquin, Albus, Shepherd, Armand // Maud, Agnes, Penelope, and Constance

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    I love these kind of topics. Mine would probably change each day, though, but for today:

    B / B:
    James Aro
    Henry Maxen

    G / G:
    Alanna Jade
    Charlotte Avery

    B / G:
    James Henry
    Audrey Loren
    21-year-old name collector
    Dreaming of:
    Audrey Kate • Isla Loren • Charlotte Avery • Talia Blue
    James Aro • Henry Wilder • Julian Beckett • Asher Wyatt
    Other crushes: Liora, Jade, Shiloh, Arielle, Saffron, Vesper, Laurel, Kira, Ezra, Everett, Tanner

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    These are all my husband and my current favourite names

    G/G- Charlotte Evangeline and Matilda Florence "Charlie and Mattie"
    B/B- Austen Elisha and Elliott Theodore "Ausie and Elliott"
    G/B- Charlotte Evangeline and Austen Elisha "Charlie and Ausie"
    ~ Finally starting TTC October 2014! ~

    Austen Theodore|Elliott Hezekiah

    Charlotte Evangeline|Matilda Florence|Adelaide Elizabeth

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