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    "People You May Know..."

    I thought I'd have a little search for some uncommon/unusual/international names using the "People You May Know" feature on Facebook.

    For those of you that use Facebook, click the little 'friends' symbol next to the Facebook logo on the left. Then click 'view all' at the bottom.

    Scroll through and pick out your favourites!

    I found:

    Isha, Naya, Gema, Bethan, Sanjana, Corrie, Pola, Agnetta, Yuka, Barbie, Ev, Neeta, Elysia, Manon, Flossie, Krisana, Katha, Nicolette, Rabea, Millicent, Gabby

    Aki, Loic, Glenn, Basel, Romain, Stewart, Emilien, Fraser, Ash, Marius, Guy, Nigel, Reza, Jerin, Mithun, Arran

    I quite like Elysia, Flossie (as a nn), Romain & Fraser!

    Any names here you would consider? I'd love to see the unusual/uncommon/international names in the "people YOU may know"...
    Arthur Montgomery | Bartholomew Finn | Edric Beauregard | Ephraim Elias | Phineas Bartleby
    Rupert Valentine | Stelian Bayard | Thorin Abraham | Victor Ulysses | Zephaniah Wolf

    Alice Winifred | Antonia Mae | Augustina Rose | Beatrix Isolde | Cicely Wren
    Evanthe Valentine | Marceline Matilda | Ramona Summer | Tallulah Ivy | Trudy Esmeralda

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