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    Small Initials CAF

    Dh: Tm

    dw: Em

    ds: Gr

    dd: Kc

    ds: Os

    dd: Ck

    ds: Go

    dd/dd: Mt & me

    ds/ds: Te & et

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    DH [37] Tristan Michael Fedotowsky
    DW [37] Elizabeth Margaret {Tatum} Fedotowsky

    DS [12] Grant Richard Fedotowsky
    DD [11] Katherine Cara Fedotowsky
    DS [9] Oliver Sebastian Fedotowsky
    DD [7] Caroline Karen Fedotowsky
    DS [6] Gregory Oliver Fedotowsky
    DD/DD [4] Mollie Theresa Fedotowsky / Mira Elodie Fedotowsky
    DS/DS [1] Tate Edward Fedotowsky / Elliot Tristan Fedotowsky

    Tristan & Liza Fedotowsky
    - Grant, Kate, Ollie, Caroline, Greg, Mollie, Mira, Tate, & Elliot Fedotowsky

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    DH: Thierry Michael Pomerance.
    DW: Emma Macel Pomerance (Robbins).

    1. Grayson Robert Pomerance.
    2. Kendall Clio Pomerance.
    3. Oliver Soren Pomerance.
    4. Caritta Katherine Pomerance.
    5. Graham Owen Pomerance.
    6. Madeline Tessa Pomerance.
    7. Macenzie Elizabeth Pomerance.
    8. Tristan Eamon Pomerance.
    9. Elijah Timothy Pomerance.


    DH: Grayson Robert Pomerance.
    DW: Ella Persephone Pomerance (Bernstein).
    - Elena Catherine Pomerance.
    - Xavier Michael Pomerance.
    - Machaela June Pomerance.

    DH: Nathaniel Adam Burrows.
    DW: Kendall Clio Burrows (Pomerance).
    - Emma Jayleen Burrows.
    - Chance Daniel Burrows.
    - Harper Elizabeth Burrows.
    - Veronica Lark Burrows.

    DH: Oliver Soren Pomerance.
    DW: Bianca Therese Pomerance (Austen).
    - Emily Logan Pomerance.
    - Gabriella Briar Pomerance.
    - Maya Noelle Pomerance.
    - Cameron Isabelle Pomerance.
    - Aida Machealle Pomerance.

    DH: Aidan Caspar Newcomb.
    DW: Caritta Katherine Newcomb (Pomerance).
    - Acacia Louise Newcomb.
    - Bowen Charles Newcomb.

    DH: Graham Owen Pomerance.
    DW: Adele Veronique Pomerance (Blair).
    - Victoria Scout Pomerance.
    - Aisha Eleanor Pomerance.
    - Sawyer Ronald Pomerance.

    DH: Simon Raoul Sandler.
    DW: Madeline Tessa Sandler (Pomerance).
    - Josiah Daniel Sandler.
    - Kai Edward Sandler.
    - Ridley Christine Sandler.
    - Cormac Thomas Sandler.

    DH: Salvador Joseph Pantaleoni.
    DW: Macenzie Elizabeth Pantaleoni (Pomerance).
    - Phaedra Elinor Pantaleoni.
    - Veronika Pearl Pantaleoni.

    DH: Tristan Eamon Pomerance.
    DW: Amelia Isolde Pomerance (Richards).
    - Kyler Adam Pomerance.
    - Stella Rochelle Pomerance.
    - Hadley Ann Pomerance.
    - Freya Eloise Pomerance.
    - Lorelei Michele Pomerance.
    - Gisele Marianne Pomerance.

    DH: Elijah Timothy Pomerance.
    DW: Isabella Jean Pomerance (Rivers).
    - Iona Monica Pomerance.

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