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    1. Faye- My fave nn
    2. Saffron- Used to love this, it may be time to put it back on my list.
    3. Eadie- Great as a nn
    4. Eadh- See above
    5. Mallory
    6. Paisley
    7. Carley
    8. Peri
    9. Jasey
    10. Kenley
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    I must say we have very different tastes. I love Paisley because it has honoring and special meaning for us. I thick Edie (spelled this way) is adorable and very sweet. I like Saffron but as a middle name. I personally do not care for the others. Jasey and Kenley being my least favorite.

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    1. Faye this is stunning
    2. Saffron
    3. Edah prefer Edie .
    4. Peri preffer sp. Perry
    5. Paisley
    6. Carley
    7. Kenley
    8. Eadie (pn Eee-dee)
    9. Jasey
    10. Mallory (feels so mean )
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