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Thread: Opinions?

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    I'm looking for some thoughts on the following names. You don't need to be brutally honest, but, it would be helpful if you think the name is so old, it'll never come back (similarly to bustles and corsets).

    Ruth nn Ruthie

    Thank you!

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    Lucille - Love it! Nickname Lucy or Lulu is adorable.
    Joanna - Kind of blah for me. Not special enough, but not terrible.
    Frances - Pope. Come back because of that, but not pretty enough for me.
    Ruth nn Ruthie - Cute
    Gloria - Thought of it as an old lady name until I had a girl in my class this year named Gloria. Changed my perception of it. Not my favorite, but she could wear it well.
    Mary - Classic, but meh for me.
    Nellie - Had a girl named just Nell. Both remind me of horses. I like your other nickname names better.
    Ramona - Love it! Considered for my daughter, nickname Romy works too.
    Vera - Already making a comeback, have seen many little girls with this. It is cute.
    Clemency - I am not into these types of names.
    Cornelia - Cordelia is prettier to me. This screams "corny" as a nickname, which is a no-no.
    Honora - I like Honor better, but not by much.
    Marjorie - I think this is too fusty and hold lady-ish to come back.
    Henrietta - I think of chickens...not very pretty.
    Louise - Great middle name.
    Annabella - Very trendy with the bella, not bad, but nms.
    Pearl - Middle only. First name is too old lady-ish.

    I hope I wasn't too harsh, just my first thoughts and feelings. Some really cute ones on this list!
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    Lucille - I tend to dislike most Lu/Lou names so I'm a little biased against this one.
    Joanna - Doesn't stand out for me.
    Frances - I adore Frances! She is on my list.
    Ruth nn Ruthie - Ruth sounds a little blunt and Ruthie sounds a little lispy. Not a fan.
    Gloria - A bit old lady still.
    Mary - Not my style, but forever a classic, you can't go wrong with Mary.
    Nellie - Sorry I think of the song Nellie the Elephant (I'm trying not to be brutal with my honesty but that's my first thought, I do apologise!)
    Ramona - Gorgeous! I love Ramona, she's firmly on my list with Frances.
    Vera - Not my style but the V makes it a little spunky and ready for a comeback!
    Clemency - I prefer Mercy.
    Cornelia - I prefer Cordelia.
    Honora - I prefer Honor.
    Marjorie - I actually quite like this. I would love to meet a little Marj!
    Henrietta - Though I'm not a huge fan of the long form, it does allow for some adorable nicknames - Henri, Hattie, Hetty, Etta etc
    Louise - See Lucille.
    Annabella - A bit trendy. I'd rather Annabel.
    Pearl - Cute in the middle but a little blunt up front.

    Hope my comments are not too brutal!

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    Lucille - Sophisticated and lovely! My favorite name for the nickname Lucy.
    Joanna - I've always loved it.
    Frances - I like it and unlike most berries prefer it to Francesca.
    Ruth - Not a fan, sorry. Seems a bit plain to me and I have unpleasant associations.
    Gloria - Reminds me of the hippo from Madagascar. It's okay.
    Mary - I prefer Marie, but Mary is lovely, too.
    Nellie - I'd use it as a nickname.
    Ramona - I like it!
    Vera - One of a few Russian names I like.
    Clemency - Lovely, although I prefer Clemence.
    Cornelia - It's okay. I love Cordelia.
    Honora - Not a fan, sorry.
    Marjorie - Feels too old ladyish, but it's growing on me.
    Henrietta - I like it, but much prefer Harriet.
    Louise - Never liked it, sorry. The only variation of it that I like is Eloise.
    Annabella - I like it.
    Pearl - I like it, but as a middle name.
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    Lucille - Adore this name with the nickname Lucy.
    Joanna - Not terrible, but I'm not sure I can imagine it on a little girl.
    Frances - Pope Francis.
    Ruth nn Ruthie - I actually really love this one and think it would be really sweet.
    Gloria - I associate Gloria with the Modern Family character, so I can only think of a sexy Columbian woman.
    Mary - Like it. Solid classic.
    Nellie - I prefer Nella or Penelope with the nickname Nellie. It is cute though.
    Ramona - Not my style, but the nickname Romy is cute.
    Vera - Pretty.
    Clemency - Not my style.
    Cornelia - I love Cordelia.
    Honora - Not entirely sure how to pronounce this one...
    Marjorie - I immediately think of a sweet old lady, but I think it could also work on a sweet little girl.
    Henrietta - I love Etta names. I probably wouldn't use this one personally, but I think it could work.
    Louise - Don't love it or hate it.
    Annabella - I have met a lot of baby Annabelles lately, but it will always make me think of a cow.
    Pearl - Love love love.

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