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    Multicultural baby girl (Persian, Cuban, and Macedonian) and need help with a name!

    I'm full Persian/Iranian (raised in the US) and my husband is half Cuban and Macedonian (in the Balkans.) We were thinking of a cute Persian name that is easy to pronounce but not super common like Sara, Layla, Tara...

    Some names we have so far:

    Aida (or Ayda)

    But completely open to cute Cuban or Balkan names as well. My mother picked unique Persian names for us and I would like to continue the tradition if possible

    Please help

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    I love Aida and Soraya!

    What about using a Cuban or Macedonian name in the middle?

    Cuban/Spanish - Aida Delfia, Aida Ezmeralda, Soraya Benita, Soraya Novia?

    Macedonian/Slavic - Aida Elena, Aida Frosina, Soraya Danica, Soraya Ivana?
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    Some other Macedonian options:

    Dafina, Dana, Despina, Doroteja, Dzvezda, Irina, Isidora, Iva, Ivona, Jasmina, Jasna, Jovana, Katerina, Marina, Marta, Mila, Milena, Mira, Nevena, Petra, Rosa, Sonja, Suzana, Tamara, Vana, Veta, Zora, Zorica
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    If it were me, I would look for names that connect all of the heritages together. It's not an easy task, but I think there are some connections that you could make if you wanted (using nicknames, etc).

    Have you considered Anahita? It's one of my favorite Persian names, but I think it also works well to represent your future daughter's ties to her Cuban and Macedonian heritages as well. The -ita ending makes it feel like a Spanish name, and Ana (if you decided to shorten it) is a name common in both cultures. I think it translates very well in the US and would like to encounter it more frequently.

    Other cross-cultural ideas:

    Dara (Macedonian "gift") or Darya (Iranian "sea")
    Mahine (Iranian) or Marina (Spanish/Macedonian)
    Mihaila (Macedonian), Milena (Macedonian, but works in Spanish), or Minoo / Minu (Iranian "heavenly, paradise")

    - I wish I had the heritage to back up Mihaila or Milena being called "Minoo/Minu". I find it just too cute.

    Natasha (Not Spanish, but I have met some girls with Spanish heritage with this name), Nataša (Macedonian), or Nousha / Noosha (Iranian) -- could work in a similar way. Natasha nn Noosha

    Parisa / Pari (Iranian "like a fairy") or Paraskeva (Macedonian, "preparation"/"Friday")

    Zahra (Iranian) or Zaharina (Macedonian) - Another connection that I think could work well.

    Other Ideas:
    Divna (Macedonian "wonderful"), Elaheh (Iranian "goddess"), Elena (Spanish/Macedonian), Rafaela (Spanish/Macedonian), Shireen / Shirin (Iranian), Zareen (Iranian)
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    I had a part-Persian friend in college whose name was Natalia Parisa. I always thought it was a pretty name.

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